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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Adriana Sage

Adriana Sage


Also known as: Alana, Alana Moreno, Adrianna, Rosa, and Adrian
Measurements: 34B-25-35

Height: 5'8"
Date of birth: 4/16/1980
Eye color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Ethnicity: Mexican
Job: porn star, adult model


Sage was born in Mexico, but raised in San Diego, California. Her first jobs included a Baskin-Robbins ice cream shop, a veterinarian hospital, and delivering newspapers 7 days a week.

Sage began her pornography career at age 19 after moving to Riverside, California, and dancing at a nearby strip club with an adult bookstore attached. Six months later, in 1999, she was recruited by an adult talent manager and began to model for adult magazines. She chose her stage name using her real first name and the surname Sage after the X-men comic book character.

Sage began her career in adult film the same year. Early in her career she did mostly hardcore scenes. After her last scene in 2001, Sage returned to dancing at a strip club in Los Angeles while attending a local community college. The following year in 2002, Sage returned to her hometown in San Diego and worked on building her solo model web presence and reentered the business. She has resided in Chula Vista, California since November 2002.

She has made more than 70 adult films including 4 Finger Club, Adriana, Amish Daughters, Balls Deep, Barley Legal 4, Best of Perfect Pink Again, Bottom Feeders 1 & 2, Crazy About Latinas, Cum Sucking Whore Named Adriana Sage, Decadent Divas 7, Fresh Meat 10, Girlsworld 2, Latinas Who Love to Eat Cum, Nasty Girls 22-24, Slumber Party 15, Up Your Ass 15, and Wild and Horny Girlz.

Sage has appeared in music videos, including an uncut version of the music video for "P.I.M.P." by 50 Cent featuring Snoop Dogg. Prozack Turner of the hip-hop band Foreign Legion recorded a love song, "The Ballad of Adriana Sage" in honor of, and addressed to, her.

Sage has a non-pornographic web site where she shares her National Football League American football picks for each season and allows fans to submit their picks for prizes. Sage says she grew up a fan of the San Diego Chargers. According to sports columnist King Kaufman, her picks are more accurate than those of many sports professionals.

Sage is currently retired from the porn business and has returned to college. Sage is now pursuing a degree in college and a career in the mainstream entertainment field.

Fun Facts

Started working as a stripper at age 18

AVN nominee for Best Solo Sex Scene 2004

Has a tattoo on her tailbone


adriana13.jpg adriana10.jpg adriana26.jpg adriana18.jpg adriana12.jpg AdrianaSage043.jpg AdrianaSage042.jpg adriana25.jpg adriana7.jpg adriana24.jpg AdrianaSage041.jpg adriana23.jpg adriana17.jpg adriana5.jpg adriana21.jpg adriana20.jpg adriana15.jpg adriana2.jpg adriana1.jpg AdrianaSage039.jpg AdrianaSage036.jpg AdrianaSage040.jpg AdrianaSage037.jpg AdrianaSage038.jpg AdrianaSage034.jpg AdrianaSage035.jpg AdrianaSage033.jpgAdrianaSage030.jpg AdrianaSage027.jpg AdrianaSage029.jpg AdrianaSage032.jpg AdrianaSage028.jpg AdrianaSage014.jpg AdrianaSage025.jpg AdrianaSage013.jpg AdrianaSage027.jpg AdrianaSage008.jpg AdrianaSage009.jpg AdrianaSage006.jpg AdrianaSage026.jpg AdrianaSage005.jpg AdrianaSage010.jpg AdrianaSage012.jpg AdrianaSage004.jpg AdrianaSage002.jpg AdrianaSage024.jpg AdrianaSage001.jpg AdrianaSage003.jpg AdrianaSage028.jpg AdrianaSage bath2.jpg AdrianaSage bath.jpg adriana-jessica_capelli6.jpg adriana-jessica_capelli4.jpg adriana-jessica_capelli5.jpg adriana-jessica_capelli2.jpg adriana dildo4.jpg adriana-jessica_capelli1.jpg adriana dildo5.jpg adriana dildo3.jpg adriana dildo2.jpg AdrianaSageDaytonRains003.JPG AdrianaSageDaytonRains001.JPG AdrianaSageDaytonRains002.JPG adriana aimee_sweet angel_cassidy6.jpg adriana aimee_sweet angel_cassidy5.jpg adriana aimee_sweet angel_cassidy4.jpgadriana aimee_sweet angel_cassidy3.jpg adriana aimee_sweet angel_cassidy2.jpg adriana aimee_sweet angel_cassidy1.jpg adriana dildo6.jpg AdrianaSagedildo006.jpg adriana dildo1.jpg AdrianaSagedildo005.jpg AdrianaSagedildo004.jpg AdrianaSagedildo002.jpg AdrianaSagedildo003.jpg AdrianaSagedildo001.jpg AdrianaSageDomonica004.jpg AdrianaSageDomonica003.jpg AdrianaSageDomonica002.jpg adrianasage gwen summers.jpg AdrianaSageJadeHsu8.jpg AdrianaSageJadeHsu6.jpg AdrianaSageJadeHsu7.jpg AdrianaSageJade004.jpg AdrianaSageJadeHsu5.jpg AdrianaSageJade003.jpg AdrianaSageJade002.jpg AdrianaSageKelle010.jpg AdrianaSageJade001.jpg AdrianaSageKelle008.jpg AdrianaSageKelle007.jpg AdrianaSageKelle006.jpg AdrianaSageKelle005.jpg AdrianaSageKelle003.JPG AdrianaSageKelle004.jpg AdrianaSageKelle002.JPG AdrianaSageJeanieRiversMocha011.jpg AdrianaSageKelle001.JPG AdrianaSageJeanieRiversMocha010.jpg AdrianaSageJeanieRiversMocha009.jpg AdrianaSageJeanieRiversMocha003.jpg AdrianaSageJeanieRiversMocha007.jpg AdrianaSageJeanieRiversMocha004.jpg AdrianaSageJeanieRiversMocha005.jpg AdrianaSageJeanieRiversMocha002.jpg AdrianaSagelesbian009.jpg AdrianaSagelesbian008.jpg AdrianaSagelesbian007.jpg AdrianaSageJeanieRiversMocha006.jpg AdrianaSagelesbian005.jpg AdrianaSagelesbian003.jpg AdrianaSagelesbian004.jpg AdrianaSageMocha001.jpg AdrianaSagesex004.jpg AdrianaSageSophie003.JPG AdrianaSageSophie002.JPG AdrianaSage YanaCova 2.jpg AdrianaSageSophie001.JPG AdrianaSage YanaCova 1.jpg

Lingerie clad latin goddess Adriana Sage posing and stripping in this very seductive video Deliciously sexy brunette Adriana Sage loves to pose in her birthday suit Adriana Sage Adriana Sage

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