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Friday, December 18, 2009

Andi Pink

Andi Pink


Measurements: 32-24-30
Height: 5'2"
Date of birth: 4/7/1987
Eye color: Grey/Green
Hair Color: Brunette
Ethnicity: Canadian
Job: adult model, solo girl


From her blog

"I initially met up with a local photographer looking to get some professional pics taken, just to have some nice photos of myself. (typical 18 year old girl lol..) Anyway we ended up doing a non-nude test shoot (I wore jeans and a tshirt) which he posted on a few forums, and I was offered a solo site just like that! I strongly suspect it was because of my SUPER young look at the time, LOL.. its a major selling point.

But what made me decide to take the offer and do a softcore solo site?? To be completely honest, it was for all the wrong reasons in the beginning.. Basically my first serious boyfriend was kind of a piece of shit, I dated him on and off from age 16-18, and he was the type of guy who needed to put down other people to feel better about himself. He spent a lot of time telling me I wasn’t pretty enough, etc etc.. just really mean things to tell a teenage girl!! Anyway, finally I smartened up and got rid of that asshole, but I think his attitude and the effect it had on me made an impact on my decision to do the site.

I guess I wanted to prove a point (to myself more than anyone else).. sure, ANYBODY can do a softcore site and people will always look at any naked girl whether she looks amazing or not-so-great, and its not a real means of validation whatsoever, especially in an industry where women are quite often objectified. Probably not the best line of work to fall into considering the circumstances.. and I am fully aware of that. As much as part of me hates to admit it, I guess back then I fit into the typical cliche of a girl looking to prove something to herself, and taking the stereotypical path of stripping/porn/prostitution/nude modeling.

At least I stuck to the simplest and most “innocent” of paths! Never any strip club work, sex selling or hardcore for me!! Not that there’s necessarily anything wrong with that, it all depends on the individual and personal ideals about integrity, etc.. I know MOST people would never dream about posting naked pictures of themselves on a website for the world to see, but for me that is not such a big deal. Everyone is different and entitled to their own opinion and to make their own choices. So whatever. Lol.

I also want to point out that I’m no longer that same naive 18-year-old girl anymore! Not even close! In the past few years I’ve lived and learned a lot about not only myself but the rest of the world around me. I have NO regrets about making the decision to do a sologirl site, although I would change a few of the minor details if I got to do it all over again… OH, BUT WAIT! I actually AM doing it all over again, with the help of Ariel Rebel :)

XoXo Andi"


Has a pierced nose, tongue,
labreat, and bellybutton

Likes clubbing, partying, airshows, and aerobics

2-8 times a week

Enjoys watching dirty movies

Likes small girls with tight bodies and is "a real sucker for brunettes"


andi pink face.jpgandi pink.jpgandi pink ariel rebel 3.jpgandi pink12.jpgandi pink 34.jpgandi pink 26.jpgandi pink 37.jpgandi pink 29.jpgandi pink 27.jpgandi pink 36.jpgandi pink 35.jpgandi pink 40.jpgandi pink ariel rebel 1.jpgandi pink17.jpgandi pink1.jpgandi pink6.jpgandi pink20.jpgandi pink10.jpgandi pink7.jpgandi pink5.jpgandi pink with jaydene.jpgandi pink8.jpgandi pink21.jpgandi pink9.jpgandi pink3.jpgandi pink11.jpgandi pink13.jpgandi pink16.jpgandi pink 25.jpgandi pink 38.jpgandi pink 33.jpgandi pink 32.jpgandi pink 31.jpgandi pink ariel rebel 4.jpgandi pink ariel rebel 2.jpganid pink 28.jpgandi pink18.jpgandi pink15.jpgandi pink14.jpgandi pink2.jpgandi pink4.jpgandi pink19.jpg


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